A Very Hip-Hop Christmas Day: Your Complete Gif Guide to the Holiday

It's. About. To. Go. Down.

  • When you put on night vision goggles before sunrise to steal the last chocolate from each of your siblings' advent calendars.
  • When you realize what you were dreaming about before you woke up spooning a massive stocking that your mom snuck into your bed overnight.
  • When your insane little cousins jump into your bed and try to steal the dopest candies out of your stocking.
  • When you throw on your Christmas sweater and it's looking extra fly.
  • When you roll out of your room and smell the aromas of dad's famous Christmas breakfast pizza.
  • When you create an excuse to start drinking by making everyone bloody Marys at 10am.
  • When you realize your senile grandma in Florida mailed you 10 holiday checks instead of one.
  • When you rummage through all the crap in the refrigerator looking for the beef tenderloin.
  • When your interfering aunt tries to tell you about how Rachael Ray says you should cook a beef tenderloin.
  • When you stunt on said aunt by searing the tenderloin like a goddamn pro.
  • When your sister takes back the gift she gave you because you are acting like such a dickhead.
  • When you agree to your mom's demands to share your massive Toblerone with your little brother.
  • When you claim a seat the kids' table and tell your 10-year-old cousin to fuck off.
  • When you sneak down to the basement for a mid-course booze-up with the lads.
  • When you ask your brother whether you should go with "Amaro" or"#nofilter" on your Christmas meal Instagram.
  • When you put on the paper crown from your Christmas cracker, take off your pants, and go in for your third dessert.
  • When you successfully adjudicate a gift trade between your step-mother and your second cousin.
  • When you propose a toast to the chef (but no one is listening).
  • When your awkwardly sexual aunt starts rolling around with the mistletoe and everyone tries to play it cool.
  • When you throw on your ski goggles and try to convince everyone to go sledding.
  • When you grab your stash of Christmas beers and head to the back porch for some personal time.
  • When your younger sister's idiot friends come over to show off the horrible clothes they got for Christmas.
  • When you catch grandma trying to take the best chocolate out of the Russell Stover sampler tray.
  • When you say "fuck it" and start guzzling everyone's miniature gift bottles of Moet in rapid succession.
  • When you overdo it with the peppermint schnapps and decide to burn down the tree.

Merry Christmas! Today is a day to feast, be merry, and commandeer your little cousin’s new video game system for hours to play Call of Duty. It’s a day of family and friends, relaxation and overindulgence. But to really make the most of it, you need to be ready for what lies ahead. Since rap already preordained your Thanksgiving, there’s no reason to believe that it can’t do the same for Christmas. Let’s do this thing.

Click through the gallery above to peek into the future and see what’s in store for you on Christmas Day.


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