A Gif Guide to Drake’s Hangout with Guy Fieri

Don't even plate it, Guy.

  • drake
  • When Guy told him about Pete Wells' New York Times review.
  • When he realized the review was written entirely in questions.
  • When he told Guy to stop feeling sorry for himself.
  • When he tried to convince a distraught Fieri not to raid the bar to drown his sorrows.
  • When Guy told him he was going to cook him something "money."
  • When he tried to convince Guy that he watches Triple D on the tour bus.
  • When Guy asked him what he thinks of Giada.
  • When Guy whipped out the Donkey Sauce.
  • When he realized what he had just eaten.
  • When he tried to leave the restaurant after drinking five watermelon margaritas.
  • When he realized that his publicist had just been playing an elaborate joke on him by bringing him to Guy's restaurant.
  • When he went out for a real dinner afterwards.

Yesterday, a distressing photo surfaced on the Internet showing Guy Fieri and Drake cooking together in the kitchen. Don’t get us wrong—we love when rappers and chefs hang out. But the Mayor of Flavortown and Mr. October seem like an odd pairing. Guy recently got his name dragged through the mud in an epic takedown of his new Times Square restaurant by critic Pete Wells, while Drizzy likes to boast about dinners at French Laundry and off-the-menu orders like “spaghetti bolognese at the Polo Lounge.”

Knowing what we do about both dudes, we’re pretty sure we can guess exactly how the session went down. Click through the gallery above to see how Drake responded to Fieri’s antics.


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