15 Ridiculous SkyMall Food and Drink Gadgets

Our favorite in-flight catalog defies parody.

  • The Wine Glass Holder Necklace is a hands-free solution to never losing track of which glass is yours. $24.95
  • This Knuckle Meat Pounder is perfect for Guy Fieri enthusiasts and Hell's Angels turned stay-at-home dads. $12.95
  • Create 3-D objects out of sugar using the World Cuisine Sugar Pump.  You know you want to. $69.90
  • The Baggy Rack solves the challange of pouring liquid into a limp plastic bag. $9.95
  • Fairytale Cottage Bundt Pan, for those times when you need to whip up a cool-ass cake for an eight year old. $30
  • The Crystal Saver Wine Glass Chip Remover smooths out minor chips in glassware. Magic! $24.95
  • This Electric Soup Maker might just be a blender that gets hot. $94
  • All of your 50-something white friends will love your Bell Pepper-Shape Cookware Set. $62.24
  • What type of brazen fool attempts to write happy birthday on their food without the Decorating Stencils Set of 8. $9.99
  • For your next historically themed dinner party, dig into the Civil War Recipe Book. $19.95
  • God bless the Towel-Matic, which dispenses paper towels without unraveling the entire roll. $59.99
  • The Pancake Batter Dispenser ensures that each pancake is the same size, so that your home can be more like a fast-food restaurant. 12.99
  • This Scone Pan can be used to make...scones.  $36
  • This Mediterranean-Look Table Cover is in a class of its own. $19.99
  • Turn your Charles Shaw into a Grand Cru Burgundy with the Magic Coaster, an express decanter that "instantly ages and refines red wines." $24.99

Few aspects of flying are more dependable than the joy we get from paging through a SkyMall catalog to check out the latest lineup of ultra-specific products we never knew we wanted so badly.

While some of the items on offer are backed by a good concept—the Magic Coaster aims to eliminate the middle man of a decanter by “instantly aging and refining red wine”—most are straight-out unnecessary. (Unless you really have a problem with unraveling paper towel rolls, in which case you’re welcome.)

Click through the gallery to check out 15 of the least crucial cooking, drinking, and dining gadgets on SkyMall right now.


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