15 Food Emoji We Wish Existed

Let's be honest—life would be so much easier if there were an emoji for nachos.


The Red Solo Cup emoji

What it refers to: Any sort of frat party or f**k-your-liver style drinking

Best used when: This is the ultimate emoji for bros—since they are creatures of few words anyway, this simple emoji can replace 80% of what they text each other, since it pretty much means rage, frat, beer pong, and let's get weird. More evolved humans can also deploy it when they are getting wasted and the night has descended into drunken idiocy.

  • Claire

    The English drink bitter, not bitters! Bitters = angostura or similar. Is that a foodie fail?

    • First We Feast

      @c02115a9e736197e57ac900708ac7a65:disqus but the plural of bitter is bitters—even the beer!

  • byahbyah

    Pretty sure they need to make black people before they make any of these.

  • Paco

    The only food they need is taco

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