15 Accidentally Sexual Food Items

From nut dust to fried rectum, these are the most pause-worthy things you can eat.

  • File under "When abbreviating words goes wrong." Stay from round our butts, ice-cream scooper man!
  • So, the avocado is the vagina, and the cod is the...chef Harry, you've done it again!
  • Is it the perfect choice, though?
  • Okay, this branding was clearly no accident, but we do hope the truck has a license for slinging its greasy weiners curbside.
  • Further proof that everything is good fried.
  • Some of that "on the side" penis.
  • Haunting the nightmares of nut-allergy sufferers and homophobes everywhere.
  • "I'll take the monstercock, but can you hold the monsterlong?"
  • We already know that professional wrestling is wild pause-worthy, but this seals the deal.
  • The latest release in the Big Sausage Pizza series.
  • "F**k the duck until exploded?" Only 10 euros.
  • Is that a command? Because we'd rather not.
  • Bottom right. The oyster sauce will pay for its crimes, just you wait.
  • Burger King knew just what it was doing with the BK Super Seven Incher ads, but they still tickled the 14-year-old inside of us (pause).
  • The real reason everyone likes bubble tea.

Few things are funnier than walking into a restaurant and being greeted by a menu full of inadvertent penis jokes, or cheeky innuendos that turn the bill of fare into a sordid sex festival. Sometimes, mistranslation is to blame for these hilarious missteps, but pause-worthy foodstuffs can strike anywhere, from the supermarket to the fro-yo shop. Click through the gallery above to see the most egregious menu and advertising fails.


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