11 Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets You Should Be Embarrassed to Own, in GIFs

Don't expose your weakness by actually owning one of these things.

  • dumbgadgets
  • Is cutting a citrus fruit and squeezing it that hard?
  • Instead of shaping a hamburger into a hot dog, how about just having hot dogs and hamburgers like everyone else in America?
  • You can take your finger tongs and stick them where the sun don't shine!
  • Your Juicy Lucy better be the greatest of all time if we catch you with this ridiculous device.
  • Ice cream doesn't need to look like spaghetti. IT JUST DOESN'T.
  • If you still can't cut a bagel, it's time to just give up.
  • Ditto cutting kernels of corn off the cob.
  • DITTO CUTTING AN APPLE, for that matter.
  • Here's a
  • Grandma would have a heart attack if she saw you poaching eggs in this mini UFO.
  • Enjoy the swirlies you get for carrying your banana in a penis box.

Sky Mall and late-night infomercials can be seductive mistresses, tempting otherwise sane and self-respecting people to buy some of the dumbest shit on the planet. The kitchen gadgets that they peddle are among the most egregious, especially in light of our nation’s deteriorating home-ec skills.

Most catch your interest with all the subtlety of a bad standup comedian, pointing out mundane experiences that everyone shares—wow, I DO hate it when I pick up ribs and my fingers get saucy! But if you weren’t high (on your couch) or high (in the sky, incredibly bored), you’d probably never dream of buying these things, since they are about as dignified as one of those aprons that looks like the torso of a naked woman.

Click through the gallery above to see the most ridiculous kitchen gadgets you should never, ever buy. You’ve been warned.


  • Nimbupaani

    I own that lemon spritzer and it’s one of the handiest things in my kitchen! Sure it doesn’t get all of the juice out but it beats having to wrestle with the lemon and clean up afterwards…


    I want to buy all of these. #notembarrassed

  • Krystel Labatt

    Ahaha nice, does this lemon juicer really works BFRED ? It looks like a strange mechanism. For those who like fun cooking stuff like me, I recently found this great website http://www.thethingoid.com

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