Your Complete Guide to Ruling the “Game of Cones”

Who will take the iron cone: Ample Hill's salted crack caramel or Van Leeuwen's Gianduja?

  • Click through the gallery to find out what to order at each ice-cream parlor.
  • The flavors mostly have Asian leanings at Sundaes and Cones, which means rare offerings like Thai Iced Tea ice cream are available. There are many excellent choices, but the taro and the lychee are essential. (Photo: Flickr/roboppy)
  • Most of Van Leeuwen's ingredients are locally sourced and its artisanal flavors are top-notch. You definitely want to grab a scoop of the Earl Grey Tea and another of the Gianduja. They also make one of the best affogatos in the city. (Photo: Van Leeuwen)
  • Momofuku's dessert outpost Milk Bar has a different soft-serve flavors at each of their various locations. Its most notable (and our favorite) flavor, cereal milk (pictured), tastes just like the milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl. Pro-tip: Order the salted pretzel milk milkshake and ask your server to swirl in some fudge for the best damn milkshake you'll ever have. (Photo: Flickr/jasmine )
  • When the website lists vanilla and chocolate as "exotic flavors," your best bet is to stick with what they consider "regular" at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. The black sesame and green tea ice creams are what all other black sesame and green tea ice creams wish to be. Almond cookie is also a great choice. (Photo: China Town Ice Cream Factory )
  • As a salted caramel lover, Victory Garden's version is one of my all time favorites. For those who don't have an overly sweet tooth, the Tangy Goat Milk ice cream is perfect. (Photo: Flickr/garrettziegler)
  • Blue Marble only serves organic and hormone-free ice creams. It does standard flavors incredibly well. Seriously, no shame in getting the vanilla (pictured) here. The frozen-treat maestros are also are bringing New England favorite Burnt Sugar ice cream to NYC. Try it drizzled with chocolate sauce. (Photo: Flickr/annamatic3000)
  • Brooklyn's Ample Hill Creamery has managed to create a menu where you simply can't go wrong. Everything is amazing. But if I were cornered and forced to pick three flavors you cannot skip out on, they would be the Salted Crack Caramel (pictured), Pistachio Squared, and Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. (Photo: Flickr/roboppy)
  • The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, located in Dumbo, is worth the trip for two things: the ridiculously amazing butter pecan ice cream and the view. (Photo: Flickr/roboppy)
  • Big Gay Ice Cream has the best soft-serve in the city. My go-to order: a vanilla soft serve cone, dubbed the Salty Pimp, that is drizzled with thick dulce de leche, sprinkled with crunchy sea salt, and dipped in chocolate. (Photo: Flickr/bionicgrrl)

Starting June 7th, ice cream shops in both NYC and SF will be at war in a “Game of Cones” organized by Foursquare (inspired, of course, by the feuding kingdoms of Game of the Thrones). Fans will be able to check in at their favorite shops and help them climb the ranks to become the most popular in all the land, err, city.

With some of NYC’s best purveyors of frozen goods taking part in this showdown, we’ve put together a flavor guide of our favorites from each store to better guide you on your ice-cream eating adventures, through mystical Manhattan and the faraway land of Brooklyn.

Click through the gallery above for a complete guide to ordering at each of the ice-cream parlors participating in the Game of Cones. 



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