World’s Largest Cheesecake Unveiled, Weighs in at 6,900 Pounds

This baby left no a** unfattened.


Photo: Kraft

The world’s largest cheesecake—presented at the ninth annual Cream Cheese Festival in Lowville, N.Y.—weighed in at a whopping 6,900 pounds. The creamy behemoth was created by Philadelphia Cream Cheese and unveiled (and sliced) by Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman. The cheesecake was 90.25 inches in diameter and nearly 31 inches deep, which translates into 24,533 servings. That’s enough to feed Fat Joe, George IVAction Bronsonand that fat kid from Matilda.

Photo: Kraft

Photo: Kraft

[via Incredible Things]

  • PJ

    WowWWWwwww, Hope they are selling the slices – I want to buy it by the pound!

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