Wish List: The Restaurants and Bars We Want to Check Out This Month

Members of the FWF crew share the NYC spots on their radar for May.

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  • Carbone. Having recently feasted on eggplant rolatini and marinara-drenched mussels in the century-old dining room at Bamonte's, I'm excited to see how the latest new-school red sauce venture from the Torrisi boys holds up to the classics. While the hype is predictably out of control and every food-world tastemaker and their carbonenewyork.com)—Chris Schonberger
  • Chef Andrew Pressler and Mixologist Adam Schuman of Fatty 'Cue -
  • Lafayette. Andrew Carmellini restaurants all have one thing in common: They're fuckin' pricy. And that's not to say they're massively overpriced, or total splurge meals, either. But they are, incredibly and for a select few, everyday restaurants. For others, they're opportunity dining (as in, take it when you can—either with someone else who can pony up with you, or even better, on their expense account). That's by design, though. They're restaurants that feel as grand and ornate as they do utterly down-to-earth and homely. Can you go to The Dutch and order fried chicken? Sure. Can you go to Locanda Verde and order meatball sliders? Of course. But you can order them alongside incredible seafood towers and some of the best Italian in the city, in beautiful rooms, with razor-sharp service, and they will be perfect iterations of whatever dish you pick out. On any given night, Carmellini's spots are as extraordinary as they are ordinary. It's a high bar, but it's one which more restaurants should aspire to. Lafayette, Carmellini's return to French food, has been a long time coming following his days putting the dining stars of today (David Chang, the Torrisi guys) through their paces at Cafe Boulud. And it's about time the madness of Balthazar sees some legitimate competition for the title of Manhattan's greatest high-end commissary, a title that's gone unchallenged for too long. At this point, I'm just waiting for the right moment to go, which—the longer I wait—will probably not get any easier. 380 Lafayette St (212-533-3000,
  • Alder. Like the rest of Manhattan, I can’t wait to get my “hands” on the next chapter of Wylie Dufresne’s molecular gastronomy in the East Village. Stuffed kumquats, fried quail, and oxtail stew with plantains are calling my name at the wd~50 chef’s new “pub” concept. With an extensive cocktail menu from Kevin Denton and the obligatory East Village aldernyc.com)—Sarah Lawson
  • ABC Cocina. If there is one consistent thread in the FWF
  • Glady's. The team behind the excellent Morris Grilled Cheese Truck has finally opened their new brick and mortar joint in Crown Heights. Glady’s, named after co-owner Michael Jacober’s grandma, is a neighborhood restaurant in the truest sense. The open kitchen with a wood-fired grill, the menu packed with a variety of all-American sandwiches, and the simple décor are all incredibly inviting. If their grilled cheese is any indication of how the grub is going to be, you can expect comfort food done right—simple and packed with flavor. They even have s’mores sundae on the menu, complete with housemade chocolate ice cream and brûléed marshmallow fluff. Who can say no to that? 788 Franklin Ave (718-622-0249,
  • TØRST. I like drinking in quiet places, and all signs point to Greenpoint's TØRST being the new bar to do just that. Problem is, if word is getting around, I'll likely find myself drinking draft Kolsch at the marble bar here with a grip of shy people all wanting to relax in the same spot. It could be social anxiety hell. Thankfully, beer solves most problems—and TØRST has one of the rarest stashes of the good stuff in the city, including proprietary beers from Scandinavian gypsy brewer Evil Twin. 615 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (718-389-6034,

Keeping up with the addled New York City dining scene is hard enough, even when you don’t insist on going to El Cantinero every Monday night for half-priced fajitas. Sometimes, you’ve got make a serious effort to stay apace: save some money, set some priorities, make even make some damn reservations.

With that in mind, here’s our attempt to make some dining and drinking goals for the month (much better than Nike Fuelband goals), and to share the chefs, restaurants, and watering holes we’re excited about right now.

This month, it’s clear from the list that, much as we’re loathe to admit it, we are some serious hypebeasts, ready to throw ‘bows into some of the city’s hottest dining rooms. But that’s what NYC is all about—joining the scrum on one night, then returning to the simple comforts of hot dogs on the street corner the next. Where are you excited to eat this month?

Click through the gallery above to see the restaurants and bars on our radar right now.


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