William Kass Creates a Whimsical World Using Miniature People and Food

Cauliflower as trees, ice cream cones as glaciers—we want to live in this world.

  • Grab a Fruit Loop, chill under the cauliflower tree, and let's party!
  • You can do it. Just one...more...kernel.
  • In the graham scheme of things...
  • Are those designer grapes?
  • Don't worry, captain, I think we just dodged a bullet.
  • Someone couldn't ketchup with the rest of his platoon.
  • "Gimme a break, Gimme a break." No, seriously, aren't there labor laws?
  • One small step for Angel Hair pasta.
  • Better than Six Flags.
  • This pickle-ridden town is clearly not big enough for the both of us.
  • Caution: Fries at work
  • If only you could fish shrimp nigiri out of the river.

Architect and photographer William Kass’ series Minimize shows miniature people living in an unusually whimsical world. His photographs combine miniature toy figures with regular sized props to create a fantastic world where cauliflower serves as trees, green grapes become a glamorous stage for dancers, and fettucini transforms into the looping tracks of a roller coaster ride. Other objects Kass uses to create his fictional landscapes include ice cream cones, ears of corn, Kit Kat bars, and walnut shells. If only we could live in a world where food replaced lesser things like buildings, glaciers, and intertubes.

Click through the gallery to see the whimsical world William Kass has created in his Minimize series.

And check out the video below to see the process behind building one of Kass’ detailed sets.

Minimize – Little Project from William Kass on Vimeo.

[via William Kass Photography]

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