What Your Favorite Celebs Were Eating on Christmas

Buckets of KFC for Christmas...why didn't we think of that!?

  • Hef enjoyed an unsurprisingly indulgent Christmas meal at the Playboy Mansion. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Brooke Shields knows there ain't no Christmas like a KFC Christmas. (Photo: Twitter)
  • RiRi is giving Christmas wine and decorations the enthusiasm they deserve. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Ryan Lochte kept Christmas dinner casual with a popsicle snack. (Photo: Instagram)
  • You're right, John Legend. It's Christmas, so why not use two sticks of butter? (Photo: Instagram)
  • JLo's got that matching jammie flow while cooking Christmas dinner. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Take note #StrugglePlate enthusiasts: Chef and TV personality Eddie Huang's cinnamon rolls turned out a little rougher than expected this year. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Blinged-out, personalized, and it grills all kinds of meat? This might be the best Xmas gift Rita Ora ever received. (Photo: Instagram)
  • Actress Mindy Kaling's Christmas essentials: a box of See's chocolates and Youtube. We can fux with that. (Photo: Instagram)

You may think you went hard this Christmas, but your fave celebrities were out there doing the holidays up right, too. And now that Christmas is over, you’ve got a whole year to prepare and up your Christmas dining game for next year. Take some inspiration from these celebs who weren’t afraid to indulge in fried chicken, extra butter, and entire boxes of chocolates. Then when Xmas 2014 rolls around, you can make that whole “celebrities: they’re just like us” thing truer than ever.

Click through the gallery to bask in the glow of celebrity Christmas barely-past. 



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