This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: March 2, 2014

A roundup of the week's most delicious food photography.

  • Irish food blogger and photographer, Donal Skehan, captures vibrant Chinese stir fry with prawns. Photo: @donalskehan
  • This photogenic pear is layered with fried apple slices, mozzarella, and mint. Photo: @whatforbreakfast
  • A ridiculously cheesy burger from Royale Brothers in Melbourne. Photo: @theburgeradventure
  • The absolute best way to take advantage of citrus season. Photo: @pastryaffair
  • The only thing missing from this cornbread cheddar waffle is copious amounts of Sriracha. Photo: @careynotcarrie
  • Can food be sexy? This meringue makes us think so. Photo: @yossyarefi
  • One of Lafayette's many gorgeous pastries. Photo: @mogis
  • Natalie James pays homage to Stella McCartney's 2011 collection with a citrus cake filled with lemon curd. Photo: @njinla
  • Joann Pai samples Parallel & Lucky's Doughnuts in Vancouver. Photo: @sliceofpai
  • Nothing beats farm-fresh eggs. Photo: @rick_poon
  • Again, there's really no better way to start the day. Photo: @Danielle Paik
  • Everything you've ever wanted from brunch. Photo: @leonardstevany

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast. This week, the brave men behind The Burger Adventure continue their quest to discover the best burger in Australia, and end up gramming a gorgeous, extra-cheesy patty from Royale Brothers. On a sweeter note, food writers Kristin Rosenau and Natalie James are celebrating citrus season, while Swedish style blogger Malin Richardson captures Lafayette’s immaculate pastries.

Click through the gallery to see this week’s best Instagram food porn.


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