This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: January 5th, 2014

A roundup of the week's most delicious food photography.

  • The East Coast's been hit with a monster blizzard this week and it seems s'mores and hot chocolate by the fire is the only option. Photo:
  • Salted caramel for days. Photo:
  • Pastry king
  • Serious feasting at Han Dynasty in NYC. Photo:
  • Mini carrot cupcakes with mascarpone frosting and pomegranate, ya heard? Photo:
  • Snack time. Photo:
  • Did you know bejeweling cake with pretzels was a thing? #revolutionary. Photo:
  • Sakura Japanese Restaurant is one of Los Angeles' hidden gems, according to
  • French toast and fresh fruit is all you'll ever need before noon. Ok, maybe coffee. Photo:
  • Grapefruit Cake with Jasmine Tea Glaze from
  • Mad respect for this Cinnamon Banana Bread with Agave Cashew Cream. Photo:
  • Happy 2014 y'all. Photo:

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast. This past week has been defined by guzzling Champagne and by feasting, resulting in an abundance of fabulous food and drink porn to dish up the first week of 2014. We’re starting the year off strong with a pretzel studded cake from Joy The Baker, fruits and french toast from Juliet Rodriguez,┬ácinnamon banana bread with agave cashew cream from Love Your Body Cookery, and more. Take a lustful gander at the most delicious pics of the week and the new year.

Click through the gallery to see this week’s best Instagram food porn.


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