This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: December 22, 2013

A roundup of the week's most delicious food photography.

  • Salted caramel double chocolate cookies. Gimme some. Photo:
  • Imagine being seven years old and having a Cookie Crisp cake put in front of you for your birthday. You'd probably faint on the spot. Photo:
  • For all you rookie lovers of bacon out there, listen up: hot dogs are probably the easiest thing to wrap some bacon around. After that, the topping possibilities are endless. Photo:
  • Just some awesome-looking tangled udon on chopsticks. Photo:
  • Sometimes takeout sushi is all you really need. Photo:
  • Say hi to these gorgeous chocolate cherry bread rolls. Photo:
  • One of the best brunch skillets we've ever seen. Photo:
  • As the holiday approaches, Christmas cookies are going to be everywhere—but not all of them are going to be this good-looking. Photo:
  • Merry Christmas from In-N-Out Burger. Photo:
  • We're not sure what Eddie Huang is doing with all those cinnamon buns and a blow dryer, and we're not sure we want to know. Photo:

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast. It seems like cookies are all over our Instagram feed this week. These cookies range from salted caramel double chocolate to festive Christmas-style—plus a Cookie Crisp cake. Yes, a cake made to look like a bowl of cereal filled to the brim with Cookie Crisp. We’ve also got some brunch skillets, some bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and a massive mound of cinnamon buns courtesy of Eddie Huang.

Click through the slideshow to see this week’s best Instagram food porn.


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