This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: December 15, 2013

A roundup of the week's most delicious food photography.

  • A hefty bagel with fresh lox is the way to start a morning. Photo:
  • Bread, just bread. Photo:
  • Some people refuse to believe that cereal can count as food porn, I rest my case with this wonderful photo of Fruit Loops. Photo:
  • "Twice baked challah with black sesame, coconut and kumquat petals." Photo:
  • Mini mug-side gingerbread houses are the most adorable thing you can put on your hot drink this holiday season. Photo:
  • These salmon and leek filled pasta squares need to be boiled and on a plate in front of me, like, NOW. Photo:
  • Pure, unadulterated chocolate cupcakes. Photo:
  • Once again, nothing beats a bagel, cream cheese, and smoked salmon brunch spread. Photo:
  • Yes, this is a pork belly scotch egg. And yes, you want it. Photo:
  • This Tlayuda Oaxaqueña is a Mexican street food specialty. Photo:
  • This slice of "Persimmon Blackberry Brown Butter tart" has us hankering for seasonal dessert. Photo:
  • We can't think of any better snack for a cold, snowy, december afternoon than tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese croutons. Photo:

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast. This week we’ve got some truly elegant food porn—the subjects are daintier, and the light’s a little softer, but these dishes are still guaranteed to pull at your hunger strings and make you extremely jealous. We can only hope these gorgeous pics inspire you to whip up your own elegant meals.

We’ve featured bagels and lox, that superb breakfast and brunch staple, twice this week—simply because it is a combination that is worthy of any breakfast table. We’ve also featured a mini gingerbread house masterfully balanced on the side of a hot chocolate mug, a pork belly scotch egg, persimmon-blackberry tart, and fruit loops.

Click through the gallery for this week’s best Instagram food porn.


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