Watch Eddie Huang Drink Poop Coffee and Witness a Man Bukkake Himself with Beer in The Fresh Off The Boat Shanghai Trailer

How's that cat poop coffee, Eddie?

On the next episode of Fresh Off The Boat, cook and New York Times bestselling author Eddie Huang and his crew visit Shanghai to have a red pork cook off with famous Shanghainese chef Andrew Zhao and go into the homes of local street vendors.

VICEs latest trailer shows Eddie getting a too-rough massage, assaulting his camera man, and drinking what seems to be Civet poop coffee. It also shows him smoking from a chillum in the backseat of a car, eating dope-looking street food, and having a beer-chugging contest in which the other dude “bukkakes” himself with lager. We envy this man’s existence.

[via VICE]


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