Watch Christina Tosi Make the Ultimate Stoner Sandwich, Using Only a Microwave (Video)


Here’s a gift to the college kids of America: In a clip for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi shows viewers how to make an insane sandwich—featuring breakfast sausages, maple syrup, a soft-boiled egg, potato chips, and SpaghettiOs—using only bodega ingredients and a microwave. “You have to serve it on a plastic plate,” she says of the final product.

There are some useful tips in here even for those who think the creation sounds disgusting, such as how to nuke a soft-boiled egg (just pop it in a container with some water). For the rest of us, the Dude Food hall of fame just earned a new inductee. Well played, Tosi.

[via Eater]

  • PeppersinOregon

    do you like spicy food ? I love ghost peppers on my hot wings

  • PeppersinOregon

    get those pepper plants ghost pepper or scorpion…we will be posting more info on how to buy these…super hot chile peppers…makes a great gift

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