Watch Chefs Read Their Own Bad Reviews (and Respond to Their Critics)

Chefs Feed got a bunch of chefs in San Francisco to face their haters for our amusement.

Traditional restaurant criticism can be brutal, but at least it comes from professionals whose job it is to write about what they eat. The problem many business owners have with Yelp and other user-generated review platforms is that any schmohawk with WiFi can spew his (probably worthless) opinion into the ether.

Out in the Bay Area, Chefs Feed is giving industry pros the chance to bite back—but not before suffering through the cringe-inducing experience of reading their negative online reviews out loud in front of a camera:

Chris Beerman of Citizens Band

Greg Dunmore of Nojo

Kim Alter of Plum

Richie Nakano of Hapa Ramen

Staffan Terje of Perbacco

[via Chefs Feed]


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