Video of the Day: Abusive Dunkin’ Donut Customer Flips the F**k Out

Hopefully the Strawberry Coolatta rage ends here.

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Watch Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old woman living in Broward County, FL whip out her iPhone and threaten a Dunkin’ Donuts employee into giving her a Strawberry Coolatta and a bacon cheese croissant, among other items. The abusive Chapman was apparently outraged at a Dunkin’ Donuts employee named Nidhi for not comping her meal after she forgot to give Chapman a receipt. When Nidhi told her she could have her next meal for free, not the one she was given, Chapman flipped out, “You know what I told her? I said I want the whole fucking menu, bitch. Twice.”

The Dunkin Donuts employee who dealt with her while she was filming on her iPhone (with intentions to post the video on Facebook) stays cool, calm, and collected throughout the whole ordeal, even when Chapman starts using racist slurs and threatens to go to Mars and “nuke the place up.” Eventually, Chapman admits she isn’t even going to eat any of the food she is comped, she’s going to give it all to her boyfriend, because she thinks Dunkin’ Donuts employees piss in her food.

According to The Smoking Gun, Chapan is a former low-budget commercial spokeswoman who did online commercials for such Florida establishments as Happy Wok. You can watch her horrible commercials here, including a weird interview with Ludacris on his Congac line. We have a feeling the completely insane Chapman won’t be getting any more commercial gigs anytime soon.

  • sanfranchristo

    Apparently her business education did not include how to hold a camera phone in landscape orientation when filming a web video.

  • junebug1999

    this chick is a piece of garbage.

  • Stephen Brown

    She has a foul mouth

  • DWA

    Taylor is a pathetic woman!

  • Ben Bitten

    lol video surveillance. wow. just fucking wow

  • KS


  • Mike

    why? Because Florida

  • NerdyDillinger

    As if party girl voice wasn’t a DEAD GIVEAWAY that this female is crazzzeeeeeee

  • Tomas

    What is up with CRAZY ,WICKED, WHITE TRASH girls in Florida. If Taylor
    Chapman ever breeds, she will pull a Casey Anthony on her child because
    the child upset her. Taylor is truly messed up..

  • bill clinton

    broward county floriduh representing!!!!!!!!!! pissed in her fries lol

  • sam morris

    I have been in the hospitality Industry all my life. I have done everything from bussing tables to owning my own restaurant, as well as every position in-between. I would of refused to do any thing for her. I would tell her we have the legal right to refuse her service so there for she needs to leave. If you touch her you will get sued and probably end up with legal charges of assault. So physically touching her would be wrong. Tell her to turn off the camera and calm down. Give her one warning. Explain that if she doesnt leave you will have her removed by the local finest. Also tell her she is being recorded on the restaurants cameras and her racial slurs as well as her actions with the other customers will be handed in to the police and you will be suing her for slander. You have to handle in that way because of the laws in this country. I have been in similar situations far to often. To many people believe that the customer is always right. Well that is not true all the time. This was a perfect example of that belief. If a customer is in-appropriate you have the right to refuse service and ask them to leave. If they don’t, call the cops and they will remove the customer.

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