8 Lowbrow Velveeta Recipes to Cook Before the Shortage

Make White Trash Sliders and Chocolate Cheese Fudge before it's too late!

  • RO*TEL® AND VELVEETA QUESOThis cheese dip is salty and wonderful, especially when paired with a cold brewskie. The easy-to-make dip requires little more than Velveeta, Ro*Tel diced tomatoes and green chilies, and Jimmy Dean Sausage.
  • PAULA DEEN'S CHOCOLATE CHEESE FUDGELeave it to the queen of health food to create fudge squares infused with Velveeta. Yes, the recipe calls for two 16-oz boxes of powdered sugar, one cup butter, and 1/2 lb of Velveeta (in case you were wondering).
  • WHITE TRASH SLIDERS"This recipes is absolute trash. With a capital T!...But sometimes it's okay to get a little trashy," says Mandy Rivers of recipe blog South in Your Mouth. We couldn't agree with her more. The magical filling for these sliders combines pork sausage, ground beef, and the aforementioned "liquid gold."
  • VELVEETA POTATO BITESAre you a lover of potato croquettes? Are you also a lover of processed cheese? Then these crunchy, popable potato balls with a gooey cheese center are for you.
  • CORNBREAD AND VELVEETA CASSEROLEThis is hearty, warming comfort food at its best. It's beefy, cheesy, and feeds six to eight seriously hungry diners.
  • COWBOY QUESADILLASStill wondering what to serve guests at your Super Bowl party? These quesadillas are as simple as microwaving Velveeta and Rotel in a bowl, stirring in chicken and onions, and scooping the mixture onto a crisped tortilla.
  • EASY CHEESY MEATLOAF WITH VELVEETA CHEESEWhen making meatloaf, why wouldn't you stuff it with over a pound of creamy processed cheese?
  • CHEESY SALSA LASAGNAVelveeta adds a creamy, rich, cheesy flavor that mozzarella and ricotta just can't compete with. Sometimes, lowbrow versions of Italian classics are just so typically American and essential to life.

The easily meltable, highly processed cheese-like substance Velveeta is in short supply, reports USA Today. Many stores are running out of the processed cheese known as Liquid Gold to Velveeta lovers, but widely criticized by most “foodies.”

Ad Age was the first to report that East Coast grocery stores seemed to be running out of Velveeta cheese. But when USA Today asked Kraft (the company behind Velveeta) to discuss specific reasons for the shortage, representatives were very, very vague.

Kraft spokesperson Jody Moore did give this questionable response, though:

“This is really a short-term issue that’s more noticeable right now given the increased seasonal demand.”

Processed cheese is a seasonal product? We’re confused. Moore continued by saying, “It is possible consumers may not be able to find some Velveeta products on store shelves over the next couple of week.

But, but…how is a product that stays good for years—and contains just milk, whey, water, weird food additives, and coloring—in short supply?

Culinary historian Ken Albala says Velveeta may see a spike in interest around Super Bowl time—then notes that this doesn’t make sense because the event is nearly a month away. So, everyone is confused and no one knows anything except there might be a Velveeta shortage.

Nevertheless, there’s no time like the present to recommend the lowest brow recipes you can make with Velveeta before you can’t get your paws on any.

Click through the gallery for 10 lowbrow Velveeta recipes to cook before the “shortage.”

Photo: Choosing Love

Photo: Choosing Love


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