Valentine’s Day Bacon Roses Signal the End of Love and Bacon in America

The #BaconBouquet is the ultimate #StrugglePlate.


While Valentine’s Day is somewhat of a controversial subject, the world’s love for bacon isn’t. We all love crispy, greasy bacon.

The thing about love, though, is it can alter our judgement and inspiring us to make bad decisions.

One such poor decision is the bacon rose, a trend that has quietly sprung up in the last few years. Instead of getting roses like a classy gentleman or woman, you buy a bouquet of bacon buds. It can get a bit pricey when ordered from a professional bacon rose maker, so bacon enthusiasts are trying their hand at DIY bouquets.

The Instagrams chronicling sad attempts at bacon rose making are hilarious and often horrifying. The tags #baconbouquet and #baconrose reveal laughable burnt bacon shapes and soggy gray globs on sticks.

Scroll down to see the worst crimes agains love and bacon with these #baconrose fails.

The Raw Product

The Unidentifiable Bacon Rose

The Horrifying Giant Bacon Monster

The ‘Long Hair Don’t Care’ Bacon Rose

The Confusing Allusion to Pig Snout Bacon Rose

The Greasy Over-Exposed Shot

The Sideways Curly Fry Bacon Rose

The Greying Bacon Rose/Chocolate Combo

The Stepford Wife Bacon Rose

The Bacon Rose Tat

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