The 20 Most Outrageous Doughnut Flavors

Take a tour of some of the wildest new-breed doughnuts around the country, which showcase unexpected ingredients like foie gras, cereal, and pulled pork.


Everyone loves doughnuts, but the days when a mix-and-match box of glazed, old-fashioned, and chocolate would suffice are long gone. Around the country, indie doughnut-makers have pushed the classic treat into new terrain, smothering yeasty rounds with Sichuan peppercorn-laced icing, piping in foie gras, and loading on the bacon.

Just as the crazy antics of craft brewers have caused Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors to change up their game, these fried-dough artisans are making waves with their experimental creations, putting the pressure on chains like Dunkin' Donuts to evolve beyond the heart-shaped Valentine's doughnut.

How far are these new-breed bakers willing to push the envelope? From Orangesicle to Mojito, check out some of the wildest doughnut flavors across the country.

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  • David Baggs

    Good stuff! As a Portlander you gotta love Voodoo. I’m surprised Blue Star Donuts, another PDX joint, didn’t make the list. They’ve stepped up the game with the likes of the blueberry bourbon basil donut, blood orange glaze topped with spicy candied ginger, and the classic brûlée with a shot of Cointreau. Thanks for sharing!

  • STL

    Check out the Mai Pho-King Döne at Strange Donuts in St. Louis:



  • big steve

    WOAH, my names inspector owen Whelan and I find these delicious donuts great have a mars bar ya

  • Guest

    to cool for me m8

  • hairy bollocks

    gr8 stuff

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