Twitter Promptly Loses Its Shit Over Dunkin’ Donut’s New Red Velvet Latte

And more awesome stuff other people did on the Internet today.


Thanks, Dunkin’ Donuts, for unleashing the new, holiday-inspired Red Velvet Latte on the world. Of course, the Internet wildly overreacted to the debut of the menu item. If you’ve tried it, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Here are some other things we loved today:

The search for the hottest chili [The New Yorker]

The truly weird story of bandits who stole 140,000 pounds of walnuts. [CBS Sacramento]

Watch what happens when James Bond can’t hold his liquor. [The Pete Holmes Show]

Could roadkill be safer than chicken nuggets? [Huffington Post]

Kick off fall right with a cooking class. Here’s a list of the best in NYC. [Serious Eats]


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