Toddler Reveals His Diet in Detailed Bathroom Monologue (Video)

Apple. Poutine. Pickle chips.

We like to think the one element of justice in parenthood is being able to embarrass your child beyond belief. The toddler in this video, heard through the bathroom door in the throes of dietary regret, is not going to be happy a few years down the road when he stumbles upon this video online .

Reddit user robrs5 posted the video, in which the kid worries that he will “overflow the toilet again.” Possibly, the little tyke needs a lesson on the human digestive system.

Through the bathroom door, the toddler muses on his daily menu. He decides that he should never eat so much ever again. “Ugh,” he says, recounting his meal. “Chocolate things. Chocolate thingies. More chocolate thingies.” We’ve been there, kid. Sometimes you just have to eat all the chocolate thingies.

Watch the video for a morning laugh, then go eat some pickle chips and regret all your life decisions.

[via Huffington Post, Reddit]


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