This Smartphone-Controlled Sous Vide Machine is A New Kind of Kitchen Robot

Controlled from afar, the Mellow cooker can both refrigerate and cook your meals to perfection.

Photos: Mellow

Photos: Mellow

When you’re groggily trying to get ready for work in the morning, the last thing on your mind is dinner. Somehow, that frozen chicken breast never actually makes it out of the freezer in time to defrost.

Sound familiar? Meet Mellow, a $400 tech-friendly sous vide machine that’s being called “a new kind of kitchen robot.”

This home sous vide cooker is basically the butler you don’t have but desperately want. Seal any ingredients into a bag, then submerge them into the tank. Mellow is temperature controlled, which means that it will keep your future dinner at refrigerator temperature all day long (until you’re ready for it to be cooked).

Photo: Mellow

Photo: Mellow

Come seven o’clock, simply tap the Mellow app on your phone. You can tell the cooker what temperature, how long, and when to begin making dinner. By the time you get off the subway, everything will be ready to go. The machine takes food from cold to hot in 10 minutes.

Mellow’s tank holds 4.5 liters, which makes up to 6 adult servings of food. What’s more, sous vide cooking is often touted for its nutrition preservation and lack of added oils or fats. It even uses less electricity than your stove.

When cooking meat, a sous vide is ideal because it hits the perfect temperature to kill all that nasty salmonella. According to Modernist Cuisine,

“Precise temperature control and uniformity of temperature has two other big advantages. First, it allows you to cook food to an even doneness all the way through—…no more dry edges and rare centers. Second, you get highly repeatable results. The steak emerges from the bag juicy and pink every time.”

The product—which is currently just a prototype—will go on sale in early 2015. We’ll be waiting to see if it takes off.

Watch the video below to see Mellow in action.

Photo: Mellow

Photo: Mellow

Photo: Mellow

Photo: Mellow

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