The World’s Most Expensive Pizza and Pasta

A brief history of dishes fit for a mob boss.

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  • Name: Truffle Mac and Cheese
Cost: $55 (black truffle season) to$125 (white truffle season) 
Where it came from: The Waverly Inn, New York 
What it is: At this celebrity hotspot in New York’s West Village, the food is a bit beside the point. What you’re really paying for here is the chance to see and be seen, particularly on a weekend night during the busy season. And if you can afford it, you're paying $125 for a crock of cheesy bliss. The truffle mac was originally concocted by chef John Delucie, who opened the place in 2006 with Graydon Carter and a handful of high-profile investors, and it has remained a stalwart on the menu with subsequent chefs. If you want to try it at home, Restaurant Girl)
  • Name: The Bellisima Pizza
Cost: $1,000
Where it came from: Nino's Bellisima Pizzeria, New York 

What it is: This pizza pie features $820 worth of six different types of caviar. On top of the caviar rests two Maine lobster tails, because the lily needs to be gilded when you're paying 1K for a pizza. (Photo:
  • Name: 2013 Lobster Pasta 
Cost: $2,013
Where it came from: Bice, New York 
What it is: In Midtown Manhattan, those who power lunch have been known to pay a premium for fancy food. But back in January, Bice celebrated the New Year with a pricey pasta dish brimming with luxurious ingredients like lobster and black truffles, and a sizable portion of calamari and veal. The dish included a serving of chocolate mousse for dessert and gratuity, and diners got to keep the custom, gold-leaf Versace plate. 
  • Name: White Truffle Tagliatelle
Cost: $115
Where it came from: Nomad, New York 
What it is: Housemade pasta with butter and parmesan, topped with fresh-shaved, over-the-top-expensive white truffle…  Enough so you can have a bit of it in each of the eight or so bites on the plate. The entire dish is an appetizer portion for most people who actually eat. 
  • Name: Louis XIII Pizza
Cost: $12,000
Where it came from: Chef Renato Viola, Salerno, Italy 

What it is: This 8-inch pizza is topped with mozzarella di bufala, lobster from Norway and Cilento, and three types of caviar. It's dusted with pink Australian salt collected by hand from the Murray River. Three of Renato's chefs will prepare the pizza at your home in Italy and bring along limited-edition cutlery so you don't have to use a plastic fork and knife. (Photo:
  • Name: Anything at Posto PubblicoCost: $130-$180Where it came from: Posto Pubblico, Hong Kong What it is: Posto Pubblico is a heavy hitter on the Hong Kong pasta circuit. Here, the nightly pasta offerings range from a spaghetti dish dressed in olive oil or tomato that clocks in at $130, to a ravioli calabrese with ‘nduja-laced tomato sauce.  (Photo: Simply Food and Life)
  • Name: White Truffle Tagliolini 
Cost: $275
Where it came from: Nello, New York
What it is: Back in January 2012, New York Times’s resident “Haggler” David Segal visited Nello and was stunned by his bill when he noticed it included a $275 plate of white truffle pasta, a nightly special. After he published his gripe, a slew of others jumped on the bandwagon and shared their similar Nello experiences.
  • Name: White Truffles and Gold Pizza
Cost: $2,400
Where it came from: Margo's Pizzeria, Malta 

What it is: This world record-setting pie featured 100 grams of 6,500 EUR per kilo (approximately $8,576 per lb) white truffles, along with 24-carat gold leaf. "This is not just a pizza; 
this is a sign from God telling us how 
great She is," says the restaurant's menu. Chic Overdose)
  • Name: Linguine con Gamberi
Cost: $480
Where it came from: Da Domenico, Hong Kong 
What it is: Not your mom’s linguini: Domenico’s pasta bowl is steeped in shrimp bisque with tomatoes, saffron, anise, and parsley. (Photo: Simply Food and Life)
  • Name: Italian white truffle pizza
Cost: 100 GBP in the U.K. (approx. $150)
Where it came from: Chef Gordon Ramsay's Maze Restaurant, London 

What it is: Before Margo's launched its white truffle pizza, this baby held the record for most expensive in the world. Ramsay's creation—which is no longer on the menu—was covered with onion puree, white truffle paste, fontina cheese, baby mozzarella, pancetta, cep mushrooms, and pickled wild mizuna lettuce. Finally, the pizza was dusted with Italian white truffle shavings. (Photo:

Complaining about the prices at restaurants can get a little tired (especially when accompanied with proclamations like, “I can get this at the bodega for $2.50!”), but every so often, a dish comes along that’s so wildly expensive we just can’t let it go unnoticed. In May, we chronicled America’s most expensive hot dogs, and this week, we’re onto pizza and pasta.

Since both items consist mostly of flour, water, and occasionally egg, they’re generally inexpensive to produce. But when they’re embellished with pricier ingredients like squid ink, saffron, caviar, and the like, they can get seriously pricey.

In our search for the world’s most expensive pizza and pasta—which range from $125 to more than $2,000—we noticed that these dishes generally include truffle, that coveted subterranean fungus priced at $1,000-$2,000 a pound, depending on the season and quality of the product. Even a few shavings of the precious, funk-infused  ingredient will set you back tens of dollars per bite.

Click thorough the gallery above to feast your eyes on some of the world’s most outrageously expensive pizza and pasta dishes.

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    The Posto Pubblico slide is totally wrong. The prices are actually in the Hong Kong Dollar which uses the same symbol ($) as the US Dollar. The prices are actually between $16-$24 US.

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