The Ultimate Mall-Food Survival Guide

Holiday shopping means stress-eating and nostalgic escape. Here's how to do it right at your local mall.



Original Dots at Dippin' Dots

What it is: Cryogenic encapsulated ice cream, a.k.a. tiny balls of frozen ice-cream magic.

Why it's a mall classic: Because your mom didn’t let you have ice cream when you were a kid at the mall, but now that you are big enough to buy your own toys at the Brookstone store, you’re going to make it rain Dippin’ Dots forever. These multi-hued orbs, popular at classy places like malls and theme parks, are like space-age ice cream, and they are damn fun to eat. We suggest stopping at Williams-Sonoma to pick up your Le Creuset cast-iron French oven, dropping by Eddie Bauer for a new pair of casual slacks, and then showering yourself with ice-cream balls in flavors like mint chocolate and moose tracks.

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