The Millennial Appetite: Is Luxe Food a Vice?

Photo: Flickr/Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

Photo: Flickr/Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

Move over, class-A drugs—foie gras and black truffles appear to be the new, extravagant vice of choice for young New Yorkers. Ginia Bellafante expresses dismay in The New York Times at the amount of money that the Millenial creative class spends on their luxury food habit.

Part of this phenomenon has to do with the times: “We have long since moved past the vague idea that the personal is political to the notion that the epicurean is essential—for ethical cleanliness, environmental sensitivity and all the rest. Pleasure is mingled with obligation.”

She introduces two women who allot a large chunk, if not half, of their salaries on dining out, cooking classes, or groceries. Bellafante figures at least their parents would be happy that their children aren’t doing drugs. Still she wonders why they don’t consider saving that money or investing it in high-yield funds.

[via The New York Times]

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