The Jay-Z and Beyoncé Guide to NYC Dining

Does hip-hop's power couple really have good taste? We asked a food critic to break it down, restaurant by restaurant.


Photo: Liz Barclay


The evidence: After Zadie Smith's T Magazine profile of Jay-Z, in which the author describes a lunch date with the rap tycoon in "Little Italy," Slate did some digging and confirmed that the two had gone to Parm. Jigga got a chicken parm, and he took it upon himself to order a fish sandwich for Smith.

Jordana's verdict: "For now, let’s set aside that Jay’s brand of gallantry involves plying damsels with fish sandos. Let’s not think too hard about how Jay is the kind of guy with a place “where he likes to eat his chicken parms.” Let’s just talk about the sandwiches—from chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi—and how goddamned good they are. The chicken parm itself is a genre-affirming torpedo of battered cutlet, chunky ragu, stretchy mozzarella, and basil in a sesame-speckled roll. The potato and egg is a luscious resurrection of that poor-man’s carb bomb, and the roasted turkey avenges the maligned bird with honey-and-thyme–glazed meat that’s spent 12 hours in a moisture-controlled oven. Fill out a meal with other spit-shined red-sauce classics like next-level mozzarella sticks and pizza knots."

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