The Complete Guide to Celebrities Eating Cronuts

Keri Hilson has six of them. SIX.

  • Kelly Ripa: Kelly had a Cronut, along with every other morning host out there (but Kelly's the most famous one.) And look at that hilarious facial expression! Also, we refuse to dignify Fox and Friends with its own slide.
  • Not Anderson Cooper: Everyone's favorite news anchor tried to get a batch delivered for his birthday, but Dominique Ansel doesn't give a damn how famous you are—everyone's gotta wait in line. No word on whether Cooper's succeeded in getting his hands on a belated birthday treat.
  • Keri Hilson: She just happened to have six of them on her (procured by three different people) when TMZ approached her, resulting in this obnoxious video. What's the point of being a diva if you can't get cronuts?
  • Hugh Jackman: As per this baking enthusiast's blog post, Hugh Jackman lives in Soho and put in the time and got his pastry the old-fashioned way. We knew there was a reason we liked him. (Photo: Fanpop)
  • Questlove and Jimmy Fallon (PENDING): Dominique Ansel struck a Faustian bargain with the Roots drummer and the late-night host that he'd bring 200 pastry hybrids to the set if he was featured as a guest. Questlove's dreams are set to become a reality on July 31st.

Since its debut in May, tens of thousands of little people have stuck it out in line to score one of Dominique Ansel’s now-legendary Cronuts. But who will think of the celebrities?! Because a fad hasn’t truly jumped the shark until tons of famous people do it in public, we’ve tracked the Cronut’s most conspicuous consumers, from Kelly Ripa to Jerry Seinfeld.

Rest assured, though: for the most part (looking at you, Keri Hilson), celebrities have to get their Frankendonuts just like everyone else—by waking up at 5 am, boiling on the sidewalk for a few hours, and forking over five hard-earned dollars a pop.

Click through the gallery for a look at the rich and famous enjoying the fruits of their (or rather, their subordinates’) labor.

  • S.O.L.D. Inc

    2 black seed bagels delivered $30
    2 cronuts delivered $60
    Avoiding a 7 hr overnighter for SNL standby tickets $145
    NOT HAVING TO WAIT for New York’s best attractions PRICELESS



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