The Chefs Who Won Social Media This Week

These chefs will make your mouth water—even through a smartphone screen.

  • April Bloomfield shares some tempting tacos from @SalvationTaco.
  • Can this photo of seared black sea bass with grilled maitake and basil broth from Cedric Vongerichten at Perry St be real?
  • David McMillan made these "manly" cupcakes for his Joe Beef cohort Frederic Morin. Bro-mance at its best.
  • Zac Young, pastry chef at @DBKitchen, apparently couldn't get enough of Empellon's bacon tacos, demanding a bigger table and calling them #LifeChanging.
  • We're not sure what makes them "Montreal-style," but these salted beets at The Vedge in Philly look amazing.
  • This buche de hot flames isn't a Guy Fieri homage, but rather a cake made by the Per Se staff to commemorate the time Thomas Keller's restaurant caught on fire.
  • La Vara's @Alex_Raij plays with some pine nut hamantashcen in time for Purim.
  • These half-finished tortillas at @Empellon look more beautiful than anything we've made this week.
  • Can you guess what's going on here? Road kill? Al Pacino's lungs? Sean Brock says they're some smoky country hams.
  • This is what prep looks like at Hearth for Marco Canora.
  • Rene Redzepi says this is how his Spanish chef spells "beach cabbage berry." Awesome.
  • Over at dell'anima, veal sweetbreads make friends with citrus vanilla bean salad and charred radicchio.
  • @DBGB is back with more sausages—this time a pork, apple, and beer variety with potato croquettes and mustard sauce.
  • ABC Kitchen offers a refined sugar fix: a red wine-poached pear with house-made Gianduja ganache and hazelnut ice cream.
  • Always the Instagram star, Richard Blais does it again with this liver, lardo, and anchovy toast, topped with pickled shallot.

Following friends who eat out a lot on Instagram and Twitter is one way to stay on top of the food scene, but why not go straight to the source? Chefs are just as likely to wield smartphones as Japanese knives these days, and they often bring you behind the scenes at their restaurants, tweeting brand-new specials, off-the-menu creations, and experimental dishes in the works.

So who showed out on the Internets this week? Let’s take a look at the best snaps from chef- and restaurant-run social media accounts.





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