The Chefs Who Won Social Media This Week

  • This chilled spring onion soup with potatoes and tasso at @GramercyTavern is new to the menu, and we hope it doesn't go away (though we know it will).
  • If lunch at @IlBuco_AV means this panino on that terrace, we're in.
  • @ChefJohnBesh made this burrata mozzarella torta with hot butter crab and caviar for a Master's dinner...that we apparently were not invited to.
  • At Stephanie Izard's Little Goat Diner in Chicago, this hunk of pig cooked with ramps and asparagus constitutes a "blue plate." We'll take it.
  • When April Bloomfield takes over your Instagram, it means good things. For @bonappetitmag, it meant some spicy baby radishes.
  • @MarioBatali had a "dream lunch" of fried shrimp at @PearlOsyterBar.
  • You may have thought this was some kind of enchilada at first glance. Don't get it twisted: it's a cannelloni with short rib ragu at @OsteriaMorini.
  • A biscuit from @rockwellandsons gets its closeup. Would you LOOK at those layers?
  • According to Roy Choi, this is what breakfast in Bangkok looks like.
  • When Andy Ricker tells you where to eat banh mi in Portland, you listen.
  • You've had pork belly, but have you tasted lamb belly? Babbo served it up "alla Piastra" for lunch.
  • This insalata stagionale with asparagus, burrata, and sunflower seeds from @barbutonyc is the prettiest salad you'll see today.
  • Bouchon Yountville's special last week was an impressive big eye tuna en persillade.
  • Dinner is served, indeed (at the new @burgerjointNYC in Greenwich Village).
  • So @doughnutplantny made a pina colada doughnut.

Following friends who eat out a lot on Instagram and Twitter is one way to stay on top of the food scene, but why not go straight to the source? Chefs are just as likely to wield smartphones as Japanese knives these days, and they often bring you behind the scenes at their restaurants, tweeting brand-new specials, off-the-menu creations, and experimental dishes in the works.

This week, we bring you snapshots of meals you probably cannot afford—fancy specials that involve beautiful in-season ingredients and some pork parts, all with a nod to spring. So get an eyeful of these extra-special feasts because they probably won’t be on the menu next week. Click through the gallery above for a feast you don’t need a reservation for.


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