The Chefs Who Won Social Media This Week

  • @dhmeyer reminds us that our pupils are starving for this lobster gnocchi with wild mushrooms and broccoli rabe.
  • @jamieoliver calls this tagliatelle with spinach, mascarpone and parmesan “super simple.” We just call it “super Jamie.”
  • @cherbonneau peeps (and eats) this Peepcake Twinkie from Drink.Well. in Austin made with marshmallow cream and Easter grass.
  • We’d be mad at @richardblais for serving a bunny terrine on Easter. But that would be impossible.
  • This mango sorbet and peppermint snow cap “sandwich” from @coolhaus looks like a tabletop.
  • Sea bass with beet cous cous from @heirloomla kind of makes you want to eat healthy. A little.
  • @jennlouis’s research trip to Italy means great things for us. Here, a veal carpaccio with goat cheese and truffle paste.
  • @jonathanbenno gives us a visual taste of Cappunada di Tonno with olive oil-poached tuna and a five-minute egg.
  • @IlBuco_AV calls this “breakfast.” We call it “wishful thinking breakfast.”
  • @empellon shows us our first ramps of this chilly season!
  • The porchetta panino with baby Tuscan kale and parmesan dressing: We hate to quote Fat Bastard here, but… (Photo: @wildcraftpizza)
  • @rubirosanyc wrote on an egg to celebrate Easter.
  • Is this seafood bar not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? (Photo: @thedutchmiami)
  • Andy Ricker shows us a banh mi he liked — a banh mi bo nuong with cu cai and chilies, coriander and a shmear of pate. (Photo: @pawkhrua)
  • Are those leeks we spy on that @pizzeriamozza pie?

Following friends who eat out a lot on Instagram and Twitter is one way to stay on top of the food scene, but why not go straight to the source? Chefs are just as likely to wield smartphones as Japanese knives these days, and they often bring you behind the scenes at their restaurants, tweeting brand-new specials, off-the-menu creations, and experimental dishes in the works.

This week, we finally see some ramps popping up on the Interwebs, so we’re going to assume winter is over. But just in case that’s folly (again) we’ve packed your pupil feast with a healthy dose of all-weather eats.

Let’s take a look at the best snaps from chef- and restaurant-run social media accounts.


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