The Chefs Who Won Social Media This Week

  • This ceviche from @andrewcarmellini looks ready for the tasting.
  • @richardblais doesn’t exactly label this dinner service treat from The Dutch in Atlanta, but we think this photo says it all.
  • Even real-life chefs and cookers eat out at other restaurants. Here @empellon takes a night off at Maialino.
  • A white paper plate is the perfect canvas for a @russanddaughters feast.
  • Even Action Bronson has trouble powering through a ghost pepper wing challenge during SXSW. (Photo: @bambambaklava)
  • @jamieoliver has been killing it these past couple of weeks, and this week he showcases a colorful spring minestrone.
  • Portland chef Jenn Louis calls this a snack. We call it a feast for the eyes. (Photo: @jennlouis)
  • Pork. Belly. (Photo: @heirloomla)
  • It was Danny Meyer’s birthday! (Photo: @GramercyTavern)
  • Let us not forget about Pi Day. (Photo: @thedutchmiami)
  • Roy Choi says this is how he juices. Is he really going to drink that? (Photo: @RidingShotgunLA)
  • Emeril is in Canada, aka the North American haven of raw milk cheeses, to sample some Irish Guinness cheddar, Ontario cheddar and Fontina.
  • This blackboard special at Bouchon Yountville of roasted lamb saddle, English peas, pearl onions, beech mushrooms and piquillo peppers is a little reminiscent of Hester Blumenthal’s historical feasts.
  • Cedric Vongerichten gives us a peek of a pear dessert with almond frangipane and candied hazelnuts.
  • Pasta with black truffles looks pretty good from Mario Batali. Then again, what doesn't?
  • Those are some fancy meats! (Photo: @joshfratoni)
  • A Maine scallop dish from heaven (and @ABCKitchen).

Following friends who eat out a lot on Instagram and Twitter is one way to stay on top of the food scene, but why not go straight to the source? Chefs are just as likely to wield smartphones as Japanese knives these days, and they often bring you behind the scenes at their restaurants, tweeting brand-new specials, off-the-menu creations, and experimental dishes in the works.

So who showed out on the Internets this week? Let’s take a look at the best snaps from chef- and restaurant-run social media accounts.


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