The Chefs and Restaurants That Won Social Media This Week

  • @aldernyc steps into the Insta universe with a pumpernickel crostini topped with trout roe, ponzu, kale, and sunchoke.
  • @gavinkaysen at @CafeBouludNYC puts out a nice spread.
  • How would you improve a beef burger? How about with carnitas and bacon. (Photo: @bordergrill)
  • Rib-eye roast French dip, yes please! (Photo: @heirloomla)
  • Looks like a pie filled with veggies, but it’s way better than that. This crostata from @mareanyc is filled with huckleberries, candied squash, Sicilian pistachio, lemon sorbet, and ricotta crema. (Photo: @altamareagroup)
  • This is how you boil an egg, y’all. (Photo: @ericripert)
  • @frankcastronovo lets us peep a ramp salsa Busa pasta with pickled ramp and maitake mushrooms.
  • @flockdinner prepped some photogenic pork cheek, miso, tofu, Korean rice cakes, baby kale, scallion ... whew ... potato sticks, cheddar powder, chilies, and garlic. Are you as confused as we are?
  • @richardblais has a way with the Instagrams. Here, some baked potato gnocchi headed out at @TheSpenceATL.
  • @camillebecerra knows what to do with a bunch of ramp bulbs.
  • Even if we tried, we could not come up with a better caption for this fried pork than “raging lardons.” Touché, @matthewjennings.
  • You can trust that Danny Bowien’s leading lady will have some pretty stellar food pics. HBD DB! (Photo: @ymmayer)
  • So this is what perfection looks like: Ina Garten ships her pal Tyler Florence some bread—from Paris.
  • Can Roman-fried artichokes be canonized already? (Photo: @jennlouis)

This is about the fourth week in a row we’ve announced spring that has arrived, but damn—you can’t blame us for the weather’s multiple personality disorder. The good news is that the bounty of seasonal ingredients keeps rolling in (pickled ramps, what up), and there’s plenty of other gastronomic ‘gram porn to get excited about, including a single debut photo from Alder and a birthday slice for Danny Bowien.

Click through the gallery above to see the week’s best photos from chefs and restaurants. 


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