The Chefs and Restaurants That Won Social Media This Week

  • @dunwelldoughnuts shows off some rice crispy treat doughnuts. We repeat: Rice crispy treat doughnuts.
  • Lamb loin and sausage, ramp romesco, charred spring onion, peas, and asparagus look like a pile of happiness from Sarah Simmons and Co. at @citygrit.
  • Smoked meats with soft-shell crabs, cole slaw, and caviar aioli—@offalchris has done it again.
  • Rhubarb cake, omg. (Photo: @sqirl_confitures)
  • A rhubarb Pimm’s cup from Alder is just what we need.
  • Beer and pretzels are the food of the people. And they look amazing in this 'gram from @camillebecerra.
  • Lobster corn pancakes with a quail egg is how Vegas does brunch. Oh, and Susan Feniger. (Photo: @bordergrill)
  • Don’t be fooled by the flowers. @matthewjennings knows how to handle the meat: duck ballotine, duck merguez, carrots, and mustards.
  • Japanese bakery @chiestylee posts some pretty tempting pastries, even if we’re not sure what they are.
  • You better run to Madison Square Eats to try @momomilkbar’s summer stollen—bread filled with cherry almond filling, Limoncello soaked dried fruits, and candied citrus.
  • Hands down the best part of Frieze. (Photo: @frankcastronovo)
  • In the words of @shawliza, “eggs, balls, purgatory, shakshuka, delixiois.” Typo accepted.
  • We could ride this coffee cake with lemon curd to heaven. (Photo: @tylerflorence)
  • Our dream ice cream sandwich looks something like this. (Photo: @coolhaus)
  • Let’s go ahead and finish this round up strong with a cake in the shape of Action Bronson's face.

Following friends who eat out a lot on Instagram and Twitter is one way to stay on top of the food scene, but why not go straight to the source? Chefs are just as likely to wield smartphones as Japanese knives these days, and they often bring you behind the scenes at their restaurants, tweeting brand-new specials, off-the-menu creations, and experimental dishes in the works.

We won’t mince words: The Instas of chefs and restaurants everywhere were especially beautiful this week. There was an ice cream sandwich fit to burst, a dessert so fancy it looks plastic (jury’s still out, Tyler Florence), and even a pizza at the Frieze Art Fair. So whatever diet you’re on, you better prepare yourselves for an Internet feast for the ages. Or at least for the week. Click through the gallery above for this week’s Internet feast. You’ve earned it.



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