The Caffeine Fiend’s Guide to Cooking

From espresso banana bread to coffee-infused French onion soup, here are 10 amazing recipes that will give your cooking an extra boost of energy.

  • Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream Cake. You can’t get much better than this cake—chewy brownies are topped with coffee ice cream and a billowy layer of no-churn, sweet cream ice cream.
  • French Onion Soup with Coffee. Coffee in soup is surprising, but it works remarkably well. The trick to this recipe is to be patient as you fold in each reduction—this ensures a simple, but complex, finish.
  • Espresso Banana Bread. Banana and espresso is good together. It just is. Plus, the espresso adds subtlety to what would otherwise be standard banana bread.
  • The Jumpin’ Monkey. This blended coffee drink of espresso, chocolate, and banana is the perfect way to get a jump-start on your day.
  • Late-Night Coffee Brined Chicken. We nicknamed this recipe "Breakfast Chicken," since it includes all three arms of the morning triumvirate: coffee, orange juice and milk. Like pork braised in milk, this roast chicken emerges from the pot tender and melting, and it has a beautiful burnished exterior wherever the skin hasn't been submerged in the liquid.
  • Pear-Filled Cowboy Cake. Spicy and rich with a tender crumb and loads of pears, this is nothing like the stodgy, bland coffee cakes many of us know so well. The highlight is the melting layer of pears, just soft enough to yield without turning to mush and spiked with more spices.
  • Basic Coffee Creamer + Spiced Vanilla Coffee Creamer. This coffee creamer uses only two ingredients and provides the perfect base for any flavors you can dream up (including the spiced vanilla creamer, which is sweet, spicy, rich and addictive).
  • Prune Coffee Cake. This cake is sweet but not too sweet, rich without being too dense, and has a perfect hint of coffee and spice. The prunes keep it nice and moist, and it comes together in 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Magical Coffee. Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon and a few spoonfuls of dark brown sugar to the coffee as it cold-brews gives it a lush sweetness and a hit of warmth. After a night in the fridge, you strain the coffee and pour it over ice cubes. Then comes the cream. And then, happiness.
  • Maple Oatmeal Princess Coffee Cake. This is a moist, tender, decadent coffee cake with a gooey, addictive coconut pecan topping.

Addicted to coffee? Constantly craving a buzz? Looking for more caffeine in your day? Don’t go to an overpriced coffee shop—work caffeine into your cooking instead. Cooking with coffee and espresso is easier than it sounds. Surprisingly, it pairs well with bananas, roast chicken, and even French onion soup, as these 10 recipes prove.

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