The Biggest Food Fails in Seinfeld History

From the Soup Nazi to pastrami in bed, food always had a way of ruining things for Jerry and the gang.


Everything eventually goes to shit for the gang on Seinfeld, most of all relationships. Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and especially George are borderline incapable of holding down long-term commitments (and that goes for jobs too), mostly due to their own narcissism, but sometimes, outside circumstances speed up the breakups.

The most recurring reason: food. Seinfeld and his crew just may have been the original foodies, and as they chased the newest NYC yogurt or soup hot spot, food was often a weapon used by or against them for revenge. Somehow, it all comes back to the kitchen.

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  • Alex Rosenkranz

    Forgot the Black and White cookie haha.

  • Ashley Hord

    babka (through the window and at the store), eclair in the trash, the junior mint, strawberries on the babe ruth jersey, newman as a turkey, deli slicer to feed the cat..

    I know this is a list of the “best”, I just like listing seinfeld moments

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