Around the World in 13 Sandwiches

From satisfying Trinidadian doubles to meaty Mexican tortas, the rest of the world has a lot to offer in the sandwich department.


America may be obsessed with sandwiches, but so is the rest of the world. While we’ll always love a classic, all-American BLT or grilled cheese, the rest of the globe has some pretty fantastic sandwich creations of their own. From the beloved Vietnamese bánh mì, to the glorious Mexican torta, to satisfying Trinidadian doubles, there’s something about protein between bread that makes us tick.

Here are 13 global sandwiches you need to try, plus recipes for making them at home.

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  • Fer

    Actually, it is BOLILLO, not Bollilo. A bolillo is a crusty bread, almost like a baguette. It is cut in half, the white part in the middle is taken out, and then it is filled with whatever you want.

  • Jalex

    And it is usually not a bolillo, it is a TELERA, as it is wider and holds better the sauce. As well it is not common to use jalapeƱos, what is common is salsa chipotle. … OK time to go for a TORTA :D

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