The Best New Burgers in NYC, with GIFs

An animated guide to the city's latest crop of standout patties.

This burger is basted with bone marrow fat. That is ALL bone marrow on top.

Griddled TM Burger at the Marrow

The specs: A LaFrieda-blend patty (with plenty of brisket and short rib) on a house-made pretzel bun with Emmental, sherry onions, and melted bone marrow
Neighborhood: West Village
Price: $17
Available: Lunch and brunch

The biggest problem with this burger being limited to lunch and brunch is that you'll almost certainly need to lie down for several hours after eating it. Marrying sheer decadence with the Mitteleuropean theme of Harold Dieterle's new spot, the TM Burger is the Germanic heir to Daniel Boulud's famous foie gras-stuffed patty at db Bistro Moderne. The fatty brisket-short rib-chuck blend caramelizes nicely in a cast-iron pan before getting hit with a massive scoop of bone marrow and basted in the fatty juices that melt all over it. A similarly insane amount of sweet, nutty Emmental swaddles the patty and secures the mound of bone marrow, which is enriched even further with onions cooked in sherry. The soft-pretzel bun, created specifically for the burger by pastry chef Ginger Fisher, is yeasty and robust enough to stand up to the onslaught, but what's most impressive about this burger is that the beef still manages to shine through all the supercharged flavors. Also impressive: Anyone who can finish this beast. 99 Bank St (212-428-6000,



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