The Best Cooking GIFs from Action Bronson’s “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

In his latest video, Bam Bam shows us how to chop, season, and grill like a pro.

  • Click through the gallery to see Bronsolino chop, grill, and eat.
  • The garlic clove smash is so serious. So is that butt.
  • Chopping swag on a hundred thousand trillion.
  • Fall back, Morimoto. The knife game is too crazy.
  • "Got the lamb rack, pan-roasted, laced it with fennel."
  • Pause, Bronsolino!
  • All up in the flames.
  • All grilling, no chilling.
  • This is how a chef finishes his meat.
  • Dinner is served to the goons.
  • The Action Bronson face cake is so meta.
  • Crumbs all up in the beard.

If you haven’t seen the new Action Bronson video for “Strictly 4 My Jeeps,” you’re in for a treat. Shot on his home turf in Queens, it’s full of memorable moments like the rapper chilling with a pitbull in the park, playing a high stakes game of H-O-R-S-E against Riff Raff (“Shrimp money, bitch!”), and—best of all—cooking an epic feast for his crew.

Now, we all know that Bronsolino doesn’t just have the best food lyrics ever—he’s also a talented cook with chops in the kitchen. Watching the video, it’s clear that the meal wasn’t staged as you see the gourmand rapper demonstrate some pro-level knife skills, not to mention a certain swagger around the grill. We made some GIFs to highlight the Food Network-worthy technique, as well as a few gratuitous ones featuring an Action Bronson face cake and some feasting goons.

Add this to the never-ending list of reasons why Bronson needs his own cooking show.

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