The 25 Best Chain Restaurant Dishes in America

Your essential guide to the nation's guiltiest pleasures.


Buffalo Blasts at Cheesecake Factory

What is it: Chicken, cheese, and a spicy buffalo sauce all stuffed in a spiced wrapper and fried until crisp. Served with Blue Cheese dressing.

Why we love it: Cheesecake Factory does not see international borders—any food that is fried and delicious becomes fair game for its fat-kid culinary exploits. This gut-busting appetizer is a prime example, combining Asian wontons, fried chicken, and buffalo tenders into one in-your-face finger food.

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  • Bherz

    Mmmm …. garlic rolls at Bertucci’s ….. does this really qualify as fast good though? also killer that they give you dough to play with at the table.

    • Bherz

      oh wait this is chain restaurants, not fast food.

  • waaminn

    Man I suddenly have a major craving for a burger lol

  • Tracey Brooks Harbaugh

    No no no. The Banzai burger at Red Robin is the best burger in America! Anyone anywhere can get a barbecue sauced burger- yawn. But grilled pineapple and onion straws? That’s unique!

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  • bigrig

    I doubt I will visit a Red Robin again and don’t understand the the big bru-ha-ha over the chain.Same goes for In&Out, really, get out and explore some of independent restaurants. Some are great and better than chains and some miss the mark.

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  • GyJim

    Try the “Vesuvio Chicken in a butter/ wine/mushroom sauce with the roasted potatoes” at Sbarro’s. Not all of their restaurants serve it, though.

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  • jimmy

    Waffle House hash browns “all the way” now includes both chili and sausage gravy (powdered). Not recommended…

  • Brandon

    being from the PNW I haven’t heard of half these places…….

  • TheGreatGoblin

    You lost me at Olive Garden

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  • jeff loggens


  • Jasmine

    Numbers 4, 7 and 8 are the only ones I would eat!

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