The 10 Dishes That Made My Career: Paul Qui

The James Beard Award winner shares stories about his childhood in the Philippines, beef-tongue sushi, and Top Chef.


Photo courtesy Paul Qui

6. Beet Home Fries

This started out during family meal at Uchi. I was annoyed that the walk-in wasn't clean and organized; it was my partner Moto's turn to cook family meal, so I gave him whatever random stuff was edible from the fridge. He asked me what to do with the roasted beets, and I suggested he fry them karaage-style and serve them with Kewpie [mayo], togarashi, and green onion, which is standard for a lot of Japanese junk food. That’s how the Beet Home Fries were born, and now they’re one of our signature dishes at East Side King.

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