The 10 Best Places to Eat in Memphis

Spoiler alert: Most are built for BBQ. But the Bluff City also has great burgers and donuts that you'd be a sucker to miss.


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Memphis eats are not for the faint of heart. It’s a gut-busting kind of town, with local specialties as soulful as the city’s famed blues. In the barbecue realm, pork reigns supreme, in saucy chopped-meat sandwiches and platters of dry-rubbed ribs.

But smokehouses aren’t the only place to revel in caloric ecstasy. Further fat-kid delights abound, in the form of griddled, thin-pattied burgers (at least one of which is deep-fried in 100-year-old grease) and flawless fried chicken.

Then there are the only-in-Memphis bonuses like barbecued bologna and barbecue spaghetti—we’re not making this up. Hungry yet? Here’s where to find Memphis’ classic gut-bombs.

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  • Sarah Bee

    Gibson’s Donuts are the best. Not in a ridiculous “Cronut” way. Just. The. Best. Also, Interstate BBQ > Rendezvous. Rendezvous is for tourists.

  • Eric

    Interstate , Payne , rendezvous , and Gus’s , they’re all junk . Yea memphis has a lot of places to eat , just too bad the food network feature the worst ones! Gus’s chicken is best between them all . If u have cayenne pepper in your canners at home , even you can make the same chicken.

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  • darinc

    Are you kidding? I agree with Eric. These are all places to eat if you are a tourist.

    • Leanne

      Okay … Then tell us where we should eat instead!

  • Allison Shepard

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