The 10 Best Bachelor Trip Destinations for Food Lovers

Here it is: Your grub-centric guide to vacationing with the guys.


Bachelor parties are a rare opportunity to skip town for some quality hang time with just the dudes. They are also a chance to stuff yourself to the gills with the kinds of food you fantasize about at your desk, or when your lady asks to split a salad instead of the pork belly you really wanted.

Whether it's actually a proper, blow-out "bachelor vacation" or just a simple weekend with a few old friends, half the excitement is figuring out where you'll be eating, drinking, and acting like overgrown children. And since bros are just as likely to be obsessed with James Beard Award–winning chefs as breastaurants, don't be afraid to add a little refinement to the accepted playbook of steakhouses and strip clubs.

Instead of all the tired getaway destinations chalk full of gross bars and all-inclusive buffet trash, we suggest ten cities where you can unleash the elevated man-child within: We're talking regional barbecue meccas, craft-beer hubs, and places where you can follow up rounds of pre-Prohibition cocktails with a trip to a vegan strip club.

It’s all here, without that bush-league trip to Atlantic City that you’re brother-in-law wanted to take. Without further ado, we present the ultimate guide to bachelor tripping with your food-hound buddies.

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  • elmorerigby

    Headed to New Orleans for my bachelor party next weekend and we have our plans centered around food. Boo to you for not including it!

  • elmorerigby

    Also, lots of errors in your Austin piece: 1) Stubbs is ‘don’t miss’? LOL 2) It is ‘Draught House’ 3) It is ‘Mean Eyed Cat’ 4) Louie Mueller’s is closed 5) the bus/public transportation here is awful 6) No ‘hipsters’ go out in the 6th street district

    • lazysundae

      noooo louie mueller :(
      also what public transportation??

    • stricks

      Louie Mueller is closed? I hadn’t heard that anywhere. You mean John Mueller’s spot down on S. 1st? That’s still there, just under a new name after John’s departure.

  • St. Louis Eats Well

    If you want any of those old-school, local bites mentioned in St. Louis, you won’t find them at the mentioned restaurants. You can find provel, toasted ravioli, great sandwiches and an old Italian neighborhood on the Hill (Bocce, anyone?). St. Paul sandwiches are found at cheap St. Louis City Chinese lunch counters. Ted Drewes is worth a stop, and happily busy year-round.

    Also, for drinks (ok, beer) I suggest checking out several of new craft breweries in town: Perennial, Urban Chestnut, Six Row, 4Hands or the steward of real St. Louis beer, Schlafly (bonus: Schlafly has great free local music, 2 locations, and excellent food). For a really great lunch or early dinner, go to Bailey’s Range for grassfed burgers, local brews, and handmade boozy milkshakes in downtown. The other restaurants listed above are great, but pricey so factor that into your decisions.

    I prefer Bogarts far over Pappy’s, and Zagat agrees.

  • Milwaukee

    Re: Milwaukee. The brewery tour to attend is Milwaukee Brewing Company. Especially if it is part of a shindig like a bachelor party. Great beer, unlimited samples (by volume – they cut you off around two hours), souvenir glass, And a free beer at another Milwaukee bar after they toss you out to the curb.

  • Duncan

    It seems you are confusing Live Oak Barbecue with Sam’s BBQ. Live Oak is not African-American BBQ it is Texas Market Style. It is not family owned and has only been open since May 5th, 2011. Also they do not serve Mutton ribs. They do have the creative specials you mentioned but they are just served every Saturday at 2pm.

  • anita772

    Seattle is NOT “on the Olympic Peninsula”. The OP is across Puget Sound, about 20 miles away.

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