The Essential Foods of Thanksgiving, Ranked According to Deliciousness

Not all Turkey Day dishes are created equal. Here, we break down the holiday hierarchy.


Given that we named this website "First We Feast," it's not surprising that we love Thanksgiving. But don't get it twisted—that general sense of ebullience won't cloud our minds when it comes time to attack the buffet. Proper Thanksgiving feasting requires planning, as well as a clear understanding of which foods really deserve space in your stomach when you are literally trying to fill it to the point of explosion.

Fortunately, we've put together this helpful and highly scientific ranking of the most common Turkey Day dishes. Let the countdown begin...

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  • Stewy

    Wait, so no sweet potato pie?

  • Daniel

    lmao def a lot of white people who wrote this! haha no problem with it, just funny.

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