Thai Festival Celebrates Vegetarianism with Swords Through The Face

And more awesome stuff other people did on the Internet today.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Thanks, Huffington Post, for bringing us a beautiful gallery of images taken at Thailand’s nine-day Vegetarian Festival in Phuket. Participants purify themselves through public displays of self-mutilation, so the photos aren’t for the faint. Here are some other things we loved today:

Austin’s Torchy’s Tacos released a video battle cry after months of taco cannon drama. Oh yes. You read that right. [Eater]

How to BBQ a pizza with only tinfoil and a beer. McGyver? Is that you? [Thrillist]

Anthony Bourdain shows off a few of his favorite things. [WSJ]

MTV, purveyor of educational television, brings us Big Tips Texas about body-painted waitresses at breastraunts. [MTV]


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