The 15 Highest Restaurants in the World

No, we're not talking about cannabis cookery—from Hong Kong to Vegas, these are the most stunning places to eat with your head in the clouds.


Most of us are used to searching for restaurants at street level, peeping through windows and reading menus on the sidewalk. But with countries around the world rushing to build upwards instead of outwards, many of the most impressive dining experiences these days take place above ground—sometimes, way above ground. From an unforgettable tower on the Las Vegas Strip, to a hotel with views of the Hong Kong harbor, these 15 restaurants have made their mark among the clouds. If you want to feel like you're sitting on top of the world during dinner, start working on those reservations.

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  • karohemd

    The photos of No. 15 and No. 7 are identical.

    • chromium

      Yes, both are of 360 at the CN Tower in Toronto, ON, which applies only to number 7. Number 15 needs a a photo.

  • chromium

    Guinness has classified CN Tower as a building. It’s a habitable structure, though it’s not a traditional office tower. So it’s fair to say it’s the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, and, by holding the world title from 1975 to 2007, is comparable to the reign of the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building.
    The 360 Restaurant is not “at the pinnacle”, but at the Skypod level, with some 660 feet of tower above it.

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