Here’s What Partiers Drunk Eat at 3AM Around the World (Video)

There is edible salvation well beyond pizza.

Leaving the bar in the early hours of the morning, neon pizza lights look like the pearly gates to heaven. Drunk, hungry bar-goers pull themselves towards greasy slices like zombies in a bad George A. Romero movie.

But Americans aren’t the only ones stumbling towards late-night eats. Around the world, cultures have wildly different ideas of drunk food.

While we prefer milky, molten cheese , Turkish residents reach for meaty döner kebabs, and Irish drinkers head for the nearest bowl of champ, or whipped potatoes with butter. In Italy, a porchetta sandwich is food for the inebriated gods.

BuzzfeedYellow‘s newest video takes a look at the best drunk food around the world, styled and presented beautifully. And while we prefer to grip late-night snacks and let the grease drip down our arms, this stylized take makes it a little easier to see what’s going on in each dish.

Watch the video to see the most popular drunk foods from around the world.



[via Buzzfeed]

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  • TJ

    Donner kebab’s are definitely the best drunk food! They are also very popular in Germany and Austria.

  • eus

    tacos but only tacos al pastor!

    • Xavier LópezDeArriaga Candiani

      Malditos tacos al pastor, son la cosa más deliciosa del planeta.

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