The Struggle Plates of the Sochi Winter Olympics

From "Cok juice" to "ice cream in the ass," the food at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is almost as promising as the bathroom situation.

Photo: Twitter/@fs1otoole

Photo: Twitter/@MattGutmanABC, Twitter/@fs1otoole

As the Winter Olympics got into full swing this weekend, the state of affairs in Sochi has become as much of a story the Games themselves. #SochiProblems has been gaining steam on Twitter as journalists and athletes find their hotel rooms in shambles and without running water or door handles. Everyone is wondering what happened to the $50 billion lavished on Sochi to prep for the Winter Olympics, and why there are so many stray dogs everywhere. Sadly, none of that money seems to have gone toward paving the streets, covering manholes, or addressing Russia’s archaic anti-gay laws.

But maybe the most comical of all Sochi fails are the seemingly endless #StrugglePlates athletes and journalists find themselves faced with as they seek sustenance at the Games. Some are encountering a bit of culture clash (if you’re eating breakfast in Russia, you better be ready for some fish), while others have found food that is just straight-up suspect.

From “Cok juice” to “ice cream in the ass,” check out some of the more curious foodstuffs of the Sochi Olympics.

The Struggle Plates of Sochi 2014

That’s hive-to-table freshness right there!

Water, the single most important fuel of athletes, looks like this in Sochi:

Breakfast of champions:

At least the munchies don’t go unsated in Sochi:

Is that sort of like morning wood?

#McSochi. SMH.

Welcome to Russia:


Could be worse:

Who will win the gold medal in butt chugging?

When the water is yellow, stick with gin:


Can someone familiar with Russian please explain this mistranslation? It’s clearly a theme:

Paging Cooking for Bae:

Too early to tackle this brainteaser:


Not entirely sure what’s going on here:

Did we mention the bathroom situation?

This is not a town where you want to have tummy problems…

  • LuxuryRap

    why is everything “…in the ass”?

    • baubaubau


  • baubaubau

    Next time bring your shitty burgers, or fish & chips from your amazing countries so we’r all happy. Stop complaining, its for free! What do you want, 5 star in-room service? Thanx god now you all have your tweeters and instagrams, so can show how sarcastic you all are. Hey, maybe start preparing now your jokes about “no translations at all” and “radioactive food” for the 2020 in Japan, fun no?

    • senpai

      lol trust me when I say this Japan’s food will also be free but maybe 10,000 times better than this shit so don’t even compare

    • dinadina

      srly, they’re athletes, not barbie dolls, they need to toughen up a little.

      • Darth__Vader

        Yes and no. I don’t have a problem with the breakfast items, for example: that dish full of fish and vegetables looks very healthy. The fact that it’s strange is just a cultural difference, nothing more.

        But the undrinkable water, the horrid plumbing, and the general state of haphazard crap that is everything in Sochi is not what athletes should be expected to put up with at a world-class sporting event.

    • Paul Antonelli

      these are world class athletes, they need top notch food to fuel them

    • gooched

      If the country can’t afford to give proper food to Olympic athletes, then i shudder to think how the living situation is for the people who live there. Theres a reason why countries bid hard for olympic games and world cup tourneys, because of all the business it gives and all the tourism promotions. This has just made Russia look like the most third rate country ever, how did they win their bid for the 2018 World Cup I’d never know.

    • Darth__Vader

      You know what makes my country way better than your country? It’s not the food. It’s the fact that I can walk up to the President and say, “You really screwed up,” and nothing will happen to me, my family, or my business.

      Try that with Czar Vladimir and let me know how it goes. How much does it cost to send a letter from the gulag anyway?

    • Erika

      You do know that we are all just laughing right? You are taking a joke to be an attack. Plus when you put phrases together that don’t make sense repeatedly without the period, you are sort of asking for it. Just lighten up and get a sense of humor.

  • Thor96

    I guess that ass. is an abbreviation for ‘assorted’ – russian word has always the dot after it, but the translator treats that as a normal word- hence the hilarity :)

    • mfanafuthi23

      I agree with you, at first I had thought you also get a donkey for everything you order.

  • Svetlana Ustinova

    Real bee in real honey? it’s not so awful :) Unfortunately, we have problem with quality, healthy food almost everywhere in Russia, maybe except Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and local cusine in Kazan. I’m not surprised sausages with starch in Sochi, i see similar food in a cafe next to the office every day.

  • Jimm Andrewa

    In Soviet Russia, breakfast has you… the ass! Take that LGBT!

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